Permanent Residency

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Firm Bridge’s dedicated immigration consultants have helped many clients to get the immigration documents they wanted. We are not only familiar every step of the process, but also on top of every new policy change and update.

From the moment we get a request from a potential client, we will try our best to cater to your needs and help you with every problem you might encounter. We will be your best assistant, mentor and friend during the entire process of application and apply all our knowledge to help with every detail of your immigration process until you have your immigration documents you wanted.

Choose Your Right Program
We will help you find

the program that suits you the best

After receiving a request from the client, Firm Bridge Consulting will carry out a full assessment of the client’s eligibility. Canada offers a variety of immigration programs and sometimes it can be confusing for clients looking at the process for the first time. Luckily for our clients, Firm Bridge Consulting is familair with every program that is provided. Following an analysis of the client’s qualifications, we will choose the program the suits our clients the best.

We will walk you through

the application process

Firm Bridge Consulting will accompany our clients in every step of the application process. It is essential to ensure the accuracy, clarity and authenticity of the information to be submitted to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. We will help prepare your application in the way that best exemplifies your qualifications in order to get an earlier response from the immigration.

Documents Preparation
We help you with

document preparations

We will not waste any time sitting while we wait for a response from the immigration. During the waiting time, we will help you prepare the next round of documents to be submitted to the immigration so that upon receiving a response from the immigration, we can submit them right away. We will also preview each and every detail of the documents to make sure they will pass the immigration’s review.

Find Out About Your Eligibility Today

Depending on your visiting purposes, You will need different travel documents to come to Canada. Firm Bridge Consulting can help you with the application process and the preparation of any documents you need. Contact us to find out more!